Understanding Why Your Garage Door is Noisy?

 It is imperative to understand that garage doors, by default, are prone to making noises. At the same time, opting for garage door repair in Las Vegas can assist you in bringing down the noise to a certain extend. That being said, there are few key factors that go into ramping up the sound made by a garage door to a few decibels. 


The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the different reasons due to which your garage door can make unsettling noises. 


1) Worn Out Rollers

One can actually find rollers along each side of their garage door. One of their major function is to actually move the door up and down, through a guiding rail. As a result of which, the rollers are actually subjected to regular wear and tear. This, in turn, makes the edges uneven. 


So, instead of just gliding through a fluid pathway, the roller tends to bump and bounce during operation. This is where the unsettling noise starts. At the same time, opting for a nylon-based roller instead of a metal one can also help you with the cause. 


2) Chain Drive Operators

With regular garage doors, one can only find three variants of openers. Belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive, respectively. Within the list, chain drives are the most affordable solution to go for. But at the same time, chain drives are the noisiest of the lot. 

Every time you are pulling your garage door, chances are that the chain hits against the metal rail, causing noises. Neither less to say, chain drives can also deteriorate over time, being subjected to regular wear and tear. 


3) Lack of Proper Lubrication

Since most of the garage door parts consist of moving parts, it goes through a lot of pressure with regular usage. That is why proper lubrication plays one of the most crucial roles when it comes to the seamless usage of garage doors. At the same time, if one doesn’t take care of their garage door, apart from making noise, it can also become incapable of operating. 

In order to properly lubricate your garage door, make sure that you use a primary cleaner and degreaser. After that, applying lubricant will ensure that your garage door will operate for a longer duration of time. 


Bear in mind; if you have recently addressed any one of the issues mentioned above, it is better that you look for garage door installation in Las VegasThat being said, Nevada Garage Repair is well versed in fixing all the major issues that can result in such a condition. Apart from the same, our state of the art customer support ensures that you get 24/7/365 assistance from us. Whether it is the middle of the night, or under a scorching sun, our emergency garage door services are always there to assist you. In fact, Nevada Garage Repair is a company that brings forward customer satisfaction above anything else. 

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