How To Replace Garage Door Spring?
  • 2022-02-19
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The garage door at our home experiences a lot of daily uses. As a result, the parts go through a lot of wear and tear. One of the most important character in the safety mechanisms of the garage door is the garage door spring. It plays an important role in lifting up your garage door. Lack of regular maintenance can bring in a lot of issues. A Broken spring is a common issue reported in garage door spring replacement services. You can repair or replace garage door spring depending on the damage caused.

How to know that your garage door spring is broken or needs replacement?

You might not be sure which part of the garage door is working wrong. However, these are some signs of a broken garage door spring.

  • Broken door cables
  • Bent top
  • Loud noise
  • Heavy while lifting up
  • Falling too fast while closing
  • Cable hanging loose
  • Jerky garage door movements

How to replace garage door spring?

Here, we will discuss how to replace garage door spring.

Replacing Extension Springs

Extension springs are easy and less complicated to replace. You can get the job done without even having to deal with spring tension. The basic procedure is safe and simple:

  1. Open the garage door so that it relieves the spring tension
  2. Use C-clamps to secure it open in the tracks.
  3. Now, disconnect the spring from the spring pulley and track bracket
  4. Then disconnect the safety cable from one of the ends
  5. Install your new garage door spring
  6. Carefully reinstall the pulley
  7. Finally, reconnect the safety cable

If you have a one-piece garage door with side springs, open the door and relieve the spring tension. Then swap out the springs on the opener arm mechanism. The springs will have internal safety rods. There will be no cables or pulleys to deal with. Some of the garage doors have tensioners that maintain some tension when the door is opened completely. In such cases, loosen the tensioner to remove the spring and replace it.

Replacing Torsion Springs

It is commonly said that replacing torsion springs by homeowners should always be avoided as it is extremely dangerous. This must be left for professionals. But not necessarily; this is entirely true. If one understands how it works and pays attention to the procedure, it can be replaced at home safely without much hassle. They are tricky to be dealt with in the beginning. But gradually, as you will study the steps first, you can do it independently. You need to buy new springs two solid metal winding rods for winding and unwinding the torsion springs. If you are not confident enough, you can contact garage door spring replacement services.

Replacing one-piece garage door extension spring

One-piece garage doors are a lot different from sectional garage doors. They have a different procedure. One-piece doors have their springs installed on their side with a lever arm. It helps to lift the weight of the garage door. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Open the garage door
  2. Support the door with a ladder or board or attach a vise-grip to the track.
  3. Below the bottom of the first spring, loosen the nut
  4. Remove the old spring
  5. Install the new one
  6. Now, tighten the nuts
  7. Repeat the same method with the other spring
  8. Now, test the springs and adjust the bottom nuts.

Wrapping Up

Replacing garage door spring is easy and simple if you follow the steps properly. If you face any problem, you can always contact a garage door company like Nevada Garage Door Repair and get your garage door repaired immediately.

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