How To Lubricate Garage Door?
  • 2022-02-28
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Are you hearing weird noises while opening your garage door? Garage doors make sounds when not maintained and lubricated correctly. They become noisy and stop working after a certain point in time. To reduce this noise and keep the garage door working properly, lubricate garage door every six months. This will also expand its lifespan. The garage door works more smoothly and opens and closes easily. If you think lubricating the garage door will be a complex process, keep reading. We will discuss more about garage door lubrication and how to do it.

A garage door has parts that need frequent lubrication for smooth operation. You should look at these parts and maintain them properly. Clean the parts properly using a dry clean cloth before you start garage door lubrication. Remove all dust and debris. Avoid excessive dripping.

Parts that require lubrication

  • Hinges: At the pivotal points of the hinges, lubricate correctly. Do this for the metal hinges. Do not apply to the plastic parts. Lubricants might cause the plastic to break down over time.
  • Springs: Check for the torsion springs that lift and lower the garage door. They are the most critical garage door parts and require proper lubrication. Lubricating the springs will increase their efficiency and lifespan. Apply on them to make them move better.
  • Rollers: Metal rollers help move the garage door travel up and down. If the rollers have nylon wheels, lubricate the rollers without getting any on the nylon wheels. It is better to take care and protect them for longevity.

Ways to lubricate garage door

Garage door lubrication is easy. Simply follow the given steps carefully to lubricate your garage door.

  1. Turn off the power to the opener and keep your garage door shut.
  2. Use a damp rag to remove any dirt and debris present inside and outside of the track. Do not use lubricant on the channels. This may make it harder for the rollers to move, in turn, forcing the opener to work hard. You may use an automotive brake cleaner to loosen the grime if you are finding difficulty in cleaning the tracks.
  3. Open the garage door. The place where the hinges meet the bend of the track, lubricate each of them.
  4. Lubricate the roller the tiny ball bearings inside the rollers thoroughly. Wipe away any excess lubricant present so that the door does not become unbalanced. Do not lubricate the nylon rollers.
  5. Next, lubricate the springs and bearing plates present at the top of the door. Finally, open and close the door to evenly distribute the grease.
  6. The armbar and lock (if present) must be lubricated too to make it easier for manual locking. Additionally, lubricate the large armbar present at the top of the garage door and the keyhole.
  7. The top of the rail at the place where the chain rides in must be lubricated and grease should be spread around the rag. The chain does not require lubrication as it is a natural lubricant.

Wrapping Up

Garage door lubrication is an easy procedure. You do it yourself. If you need help you can contact Nevada Garage Door Repair for swift and efficient service.

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