Gates play one of the most crucial aspects of your home security. In case of any mishappening like burglary or theft, it is your first line of defense. Gate repair in Las Vegas NV ensures that you get 100% from your gate in the time of need. Here you are going to witness the plethora of gate services that are offered by us.


Eventually, the highest quality of the electric gate is also going to require repair. Be it vehicle damage, weather damage, or even a physical one, it is going to jeopardize the operation. Under such circumstances, it is very important to opt for repair before everything goes out of hand. Down below is a list of some of the most common gate repair services you can opt for:

Driveway Gate Repairs

Driveway gates are essential for your properties. In fact, it can actually add the right amount of security and safety over your property. It can secure your household and, above all, protects your home from uninvited guests. But at the same time, the driveway gate has the tendency to break. You can also find the motor stop working all of a sudden. This is where our state of the art gate repair services comes into play.

Gate Opener Repairs

Gate openers are by far the greatest example of modern-day innovation. An automatic gate opener provides you with the convenience of operating your gate from wherever you want. There are circumstances where you can get that some time is off with your garage door. For example, if your gate is randomly shutting down, or operating slower than normal, your opener requires expert assistance.

Gate Intercom Repairs

With the help of gate intercoms, visitors are able to communicate with the residents. In fact, it helps to receive guests in a more efficient manner. At the same time, it can even keep your properties safe, allowing only the visitors you want to let lass through. If you are using one of the modern intercoms, chances are they are cordless. With the right assistance from our skilled technicians, they can easily fix the same. With our plethora of intercom options to choose from, you can even opt for up gradation. Even we are well versed in repairing old intercom systems.


When it comes to electric gate parts repair, it is more than just the opener. Working with multiple moving parts at the same time, they are always subjected to wear and tear.

Here is a list of all the electric gate parts that you can get repaired from us:

  • The Gate: The most common types of gate being swing and sliding requires maintenance on their own. Neither less to say, you will find them placed under concrete. So, as time passes by, they can get rusty with the change in weather.
  • Gate Opener: The openers are the brains of any gate. Consisting of all the electronic components, they are subjected to wear and tear the most. Circuit failure, power outages are some of the most common repairs for gate openers.
  • Sensors: Misaligning of the gate sensors are nothing new, and it can significantly decrease the operation of the garage door. Sometimes the automatic gate repair in Las Vegas actually requires changing the sensors altogether.
  • Chains/Belts: based on the drive of the garage door, it can be chain as well as belt-driven. Over time, without getting proper lubrication, they can become dysfunctional. While some of them break, others end up making unsettling noises.
  • Gate Tracks: It provides the gates with the right direction where they are trying to head. In fact, this is where the wheels roll along, thus requiring maintenance and repair than usual.


1) Gate Installation

It is very important for being able to pick the right company for gate installation. Gate installation in Las Vegas can provide you with the right set-up for your home. Neither less to say, installing a new gate increases the overall worth of your property. That means you can actually get a higher resale value for your house. It can also provide you with the convenience of accessing your home more efficiently. You can also check the number of visitors who have access to your property.

2) Gate Welding

The majority of the gates are either made out of steel or wood. In fact, sometimes you can even find a mix and match for them too. So, in case you find your gate is stuck in the middle of an operation, chances are it has sustained damage. That could be based on heavy rainfall resulting in corrosion or just some regular wear and tear. Based on the type of damage along with the style of your garage door, you can actually use different techniques for repair if it is for a steel gate, our expert professional resorts to repair using welding. On the contrary, offset dropping is used when it comes to the wooden gate. All these are also applicable for commercial gate repair in Las Vegas too.

3) Gate Maintenance

Maintenance of your gate plays one of the most crucial roles too. In fact, it is periodic maintenance that can keep your gate up and running. Lubricating the gate at least once every three months ensures a seamless movement. It also decreases the chances of getting physical damage. In order words, investing a few bucks on gate maintenance can assist you for a long way.


Here at Nevada Garage Door, we have been fixing gates for a considerable duration of time. When it comes to Las Vegas gate repair, our sheer expertise and years of experience outshine our competitors. So, in case anything goes wrong, make sure to get in touch with us. Our customer service executives are available 24/7 around the clock to assist you in any way. So, contact Nevada Garage Door Repair today and get an affordable quote for your gate repair.

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