Which Is The Best Garage Door Lubricant: Silicone Spray Or White Lithium?
  • 2021-08-11
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There is no point in arguing that when your garage door breaks, it can really get tedious at times. This is also one of the reasons why homeowners should actually opt for periodic garage door maintenance. Not only it is going to improve the longevity of the door, but at the same time, it also reduces the chances of repairs.

One of the integral parts of maintenance includes lubricating the garage door. There are two types of garage door lubricant silicone or lithium to choose from. The sole purpose of this article is to make you aware which is the right fit for your garage door.

Lubrication is Important to Extend the Life of the Door

Everyone would agree that constantly burning cash for garage door repairs can provide a hindrance. And the best way to avoid the same is to opt for garage door lubrication. This can slow the process of wear and tear caused due to regular usage. So, here is a list of some of the garage door parts that require lubrication:

• Hinges: Most of the garage door hinges are actually made out of metals. So, from time to time, they need to be properly greased. Make sure to pay close attention to the pivot points as well.

• Rollers: The bearings present within the roller needs to be lubricated. For all the nylon rollers, make sure not to grease the rollers on the contrary focus on the bearings.

• Springs: The torsion spring that is responsible for lifting the weight of the garage door requires sprays. Just make sure not to over lubricate the same.

Next Step After Applying the Lubricant

Once you have properly lubricated all the parts of the garage door, make sure to operate the garage door for a while. This includes lifting and lowering the garage door multiple times in a row. This, in turn, enables the lubricant to get properly distributed throughout the door.

Making the Right Choice on Lubricant

One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make is using any lubricant from the hardware store. This, in turn, further damages their garage door. In fact, there are lubricants that actually promotes rusting instead of offering true lubrication. Both silicone spray, along with white lithium grease works like a charm for the garage door. If you can properly lubricate your garage door, you can actually find that the door is not only working seamlessly but at the same time also stopped making weird noises.

Call for the Professionals

We here at Nevada Garage Door offers some of the most streamlined garage door maintenance. Our certified professionals ensure that you get the right garage door repair, at least once a year. In fact, this can provide you with the comfort that your garage door is actually in good hands. Our technicians are well aware of which part of the garage door actually requires lubrication. So, get in touch with us to avail your next annual garage door maintenance and tune-up.

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